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The Next Generation of Wilderness Security

Enhancing public land law enforcement operations with instant alerts of unauthorized activity in remote areas.

Real time notifications of timber theft and off-road vehicle activity.

Coordinate rapid responses to in-progress environmental crimes.

Acoustic Monitoring Devices

Protect large remote areas with cellular connected devices constantly listening for motorized objects.


Ruggedized enclosure capable of withstanding harsh environments.

Tamper Alerts

Wide Coverage

Equipped with a microphone capable of monitoring over 90 acres.

Solar Power

In-built GPS providing tamper alerts and device tracking.

Energy harvesting and battery backup for continuous operation.

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Powerful Sound Analysis

Focus patrols and cover more ground with support from a robust artificial intelligence system trained to identify forest crime.

Developed in conjunction with  

How It Works


Sensor nodes identify motorized sound signatures.

Audio data uploaded and analyzed with artificial intelligence to confirm activity.

Information passed to a software platform with notifications forwarded via text and email.

Built for Public Land Mangers,

With Public Land Managers

Developed and field tested after completing over 70 interviews with public land managers and law enforcement officers.

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